The Power to Choose

Our mission is to deliver cost-competitive clean electricity, product choice, price stability, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Through its Community Choice Energy (CCE) Program, Valley Clean Energy Alliance (VCEA) will give Yolo County residents a choice between two electricity service providers, VCEA and PG&E.

As a VCEA customer, you will receive:

  • Rates competitive with PG&E’s
  • A say in how much of your energy comes from renewable sources (“green energy”)
  • A voice in the operation of the program (local control)
  • Investment in local green energy projects and energy efficiency programs

How it Works

Community Choice Energy (CCE) allows local governments to pool the electricity demands of their communities and purchase power with higher renewable/lower GHG content than may be offered by the existing electric utility. It won’t interrupt electricity service in any way. PG&E will continue to deliver the electricity from the grid to your home or business, maintain the power lines, read your meter, and send you a single, consolidated bill, as required by state law.

The only change is an opportunity to choose between different energy options – for the first time ever – at competitive rates. The program is compatible with residential solar systems and customers can sell electricity to VCEA at rates equal to or better than those offered by PG&E.

If your home or business is in a CCE service area, you will be automatically enrolled in the program. You can choose to opt out and return to PG&E “bundled service” at any time.


Customer Choice

For the first time, customers in Woodland, Davis, and unincorporated Yolo County will have two choices for electricity service. Unlike PG&E, VCEA is a municipal, not for-profit electricity provider. It’s goals are to provide cost-competitive service, renewable energy products, greater annual rate certainty and maximum local control.

Local Control

As a locally based energy provider, VCEA is accountable to the communities it serves, not to shareholders. VCEA business – such as rate setting and approval of energy contracts – will be conducted at local, public meetings. Board members are elected officials from the Cities of Davis, Woodland and Yolo County.


VCEA’s mission is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from fossil-based energy generation. Direct reinvestment of local energy dollars into local green energy facilities will help support the local economy and move VCEA communities toward a lower carbon energy future.

Next Steps

VCEA is planning a summer 2018 launch of services. Watch for information on community meetings and other opportunities to learn more! See the sidebar for more information on Board meeting dates/times.

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